4 (Giving Us) Blood Moons

4 (Giving Us) Blood Moons
While I think it may be the busiest week I have ever had, it is also likely the most important. Are you feeling this same paradox? If so, I believe that you are right in line with what the Lord is doing. This time is the beginning of Passover, Tax Day, and the start of the Four Blood Moons. Are you wondering what this all means? Are you confused? I am too. Somewhat.
I feel in the prophetic Spirit that major change is coming. While I do know some of these changes, I don’t know them all. Chey and I are entering a new dimension and are unsure on some of our future things and the timing of them, but we are trusting God to guide our future. We want our dreams, desires, and destinies to align with His perfect plan. It was good for us to talk all day Saturday in the nice 80 degree and relax some before the all-day rainstorm came on Sunday. Oh, and I failed to mention the snow that arrived Monday morning. Everything in our world is spinning, from weather to wedding planning to ministry, to pretty much everything else.
Despite this confusion, and really all the confusions that life can bring, I am sure of one thing. The Crucifixion. This week is the most important week of the Christian faith. While this is the time we remember the death of Jesus Christ on cross to forgive our sins and celebrate the resurrection of His body over the grave, there is more. In our time now, this is the best opportunity to show non-Christians the love of Christ by inviting them to church for them to hear the good news of God. While I am so busy this week, I have been fighting to not forget this most important thing that God calls us to do, share the good news of Christ. I have read a lot in Psalm 51 this week, asking God to create in me a clean heart. So if you need forgiveness today, in the midst of your busyness, look to the cross. I’m excited to be redeemed through being a part of what He has done. (I’m actually in an Easter production this week that will be awesome!) It’s all that matters!

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