Attacking Our Dreams

Attacking Our Dreams
Do you remember the days when we used to dream big dreams and shoot for the moon? It’s hard to remember because it seems like those days were so long ago. Really they aren’t. Life’s nuances have got in the way and stress has built a wall against those dreams. The hope we were filled so much with has had trial come in. If you are out there thinking, “I can’t go anymore, I quit,” then let me say that you aren’t done yet. God is not finished doing a good work in you!
Yesterday, I felt a massive assault come from the devil. He wants nothing but to steal, kill, and destroy this dream that you have, that you are living and building. The verse that paralleled in the prophetic and kept me fighting through the confusious cloud was James 4:7, “Resist the devil and he will flee.” Even as I write this, I am battling. The enemy reminds me of my failures and that my mistakes are going to haunt me. If you are fighting these same thoughts or stresses right now, then I have good news for you. This trial will make us stronger.
I believe now we are torn between 2 worlds fighting evil. Satan is attacking our dreams because he wants to destroy them. He fears of what’s coming and what God is about to do. So our job is to continue to stand and fight, to resist our enemy and not give up. We must believe, even in our darkest hour, because reinforcements, restoration, resurgence, and re-alignment are all coming.
I still know that God cares because of His Divine time this week. On Thursday, as I read about David taking Jerusalem, I saw blessings pour out in the life of my cousin, in our ministry, and even in my own life. When attacks come, I must be reminded of God’s goodness to stay the course. Then Sunday, I felt God’s passion and presence in the Alice (Chains) Church, as He spoke some amazing parallels to me. I knew then God had me where I was supposed to be. Now I hear from Him in dreaming again, sitting in my chair in peace, as I hear that small still voice from the moon.

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