The Other Side

The Other Side
This past week went from great to being a nightmare to being great at the end. Sort of sounds like pregnancy. While moving my fiancé Chey back to Missouri, some things tried to get in our way. The forecast had the possibility of rain, so we prayed that it wouldn’t rain. God answered our prayer in that it didn’t rain on our belongings. Then, while going down the highway, we had a mattress blow out of the truck. We began wondering if we could keep it in the truck for the remainder of the drive, but we did. We were getting so close now as we stopped in Columbia to get fuel. Then tragedy struck. Chey’s car broke down with transmission fluid leaking out all over the place. We filled the car back up with transmission fluid, then drove 500 feet. Same thing again. We weren’t going anywhere. Fortunately, my brother came to the rescue with a trailer to haul the car the rest of the way.
A year and a day ago, a similar thing happened to me. I was on my way to Iowa. I got just outside of Columbia, when I hit a deer with my truck. It leaked radiator fluid everywhere. I wasn’t going anywhere.
Back to 2014. Just after Chey’s car broke down, she got a call saying her dad had been in a major car accident. This made what was supposed to be a great day into a horrible day and then to worse. The week kept getting worse with her sister having an unsuccessful oral surgery and her brother getting poison ivy all over his face. We wondered why all of this was happening, but we trusted God. Then revelation hit me. I knew this was the storm that we were supposed to go through to get to the other side, and that the other side would be so much better than before. We saw this to begin coming to pass. When we saw our future home, we knew we were truly blessed by God. Then on Sunday, we saw how the ladies of Bethel Church embraced Chey with great love by blessing her with an incredible wedding shower! God ended this week so great!

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