TOP: Team Over Personnel

TOP: Team Over Personnel
It’s been 7 long years, but the San Antonio Spurs are back on TOP of the NBA world! The Spurs won their 5th title in 15 years and did so in dominating fashion. The Spurs kept the Heat from their 3-peat by getting contributions from everyone on the team. Many fans are saying that the Spurs played the best team basketball that they have ever seen! Pretty remarkable!
Have you ever been a part of a great team that accomplished something great? If you have, you know that it is a great feeling, and is likely better than anything you could ever do by yourself. In 2007, my Christian fraternity BYX put together a lightning fast flag football team for the Mizzou Rec sports league. We were determined to win the championship! After getting through some tough times of being down and even battling rigorous weather conditions, we pulled through for an undefeated season and took the title of Mizzou Rec Sports champions! It was an awesome feeling to accomplish that feat with my brothers in Christ! We were on TOP of the world at that moment. We even got t-shirts that said, “How does it feel to be a champion?” On Monday, to celebrate the Spurs championship, I pulled out that very shirt to wear.
This week, I feel that God is talking to me about teams. From having Scripture about the armor of God (Ephesians 6) all this week, to talking about the body of Christ as a team, I believe He is telling me to evaluate my team. It’s that time in the NBA for the draft and free agency, two ways that teams look to add players who will strengthen their teams. I also see, as our ministry comes to a close and we begin a new chapter, that the ministry is working as a team more strongly than ever before, as they evaluate and add a new minister. I also think about my new team forming as I will soon join in marriage with Cheyenne. So I ask you to take a hard look these next few weeks at what team you are on and at your life. Is it a team that is winning and competing for championships? Is Christ at the TOP of your life? If not, it’s time to get back on TOP!

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