The Way to Return Home

The Way to Return Home
The Easter Production that I got to be a part of this weekend at New Hope Christian Church was absolutely amazing! The Spirit moved among a packed crowd as the cast performed for 3 nights. What I really enjoyed about being in the production was developing relationships with other members of the cast! It was awesome to get to know people I wouldn’t normally meet and hear their stories and how God is working in their lives. I then felt that New Hope was more than just a church, but a church family. I had not had this community feeling about a church since I was a part of a Christmas production in 2012 at Grace Bible Church. From listening to stories of the cast members, the Lord showed me an interesting parallel. I noticed that some people were seeking to return home this summer. However, getting home would not be an easy task. There were some obstacles standing in the way, keeping them from getting home. They were trying to find a bridge or an open door that would get them home.
As we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ this past Easter weekend and I began writing this new piece, the following statement came to my mind: Jesus died so that we could return home to be with Him. We originated by God’s design in heaven, which is our home. However, we as human cannot get home to our Father because sin has stormed in the way. The sin is blocking our road to get to heaven, but we cannot move this sin on our own. This is where Jesus Christ comes in. Jesus came to earth and died on the cross to provide a bridge for us to get back home to heaven. I’m rejoicing now because we have a way to return home! Jesus has made a way! So now all we have to do is choose to accept Him as our Savior. After we accept Jesus, He accepts us as a part of his big family in heaven. I don’t know about you, but just as I was excited to be a part of a big church family in the production, I am even more excited to be a part of a family that’s bigger and even more real; Heaven!

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