“Miracles Are Going to Happen”

“Miracles Are Going to Happen.”
Last night, Cheyenne and I were praying over the phone since she worked late. She sensed that I was going to receive the wisdom I needed that night. I have been wrestling with some big decisions that need to make and have been very indecisive on what to do. I then prayed over her that her headache would be completely gone. Some of her headaches that she had in the past were returning and were constant painful migraines. As I was hanging up the phone, the last thing I said to her was, “Miracles are going to happen.”
Little did she know that just after I hung up the phone that I started getting some insight and clarity into my dilemma that I hadn’t previously thought of. I stayed up later to write it all down and I wasn’t even tired. I just knew this was the Spirit of God telling me some things.
Then, this morning, Cheyenne called me to tell me that her headache was completely gone. This was the first time in several weeks. We are praising God for this miracle! Then I told her about how her prayer was answered in that I gained wisdom last night.
Before today, I have been battling discouragement on some things. It was then that the Lord reminded me about the miracles that are already happening and are about to happen. Miracle May is what I call it. If you have been discouraged in this season because things haven’t quite gone the way they normally do or the way you anticipated, I want to remind you that “Miracles are going to happen.” Miracles are about to happen. We need to ask God for miracles, because quite frankly, we can’t do this on our own. We need Him. Let Him do the miracles. Focus on the good that God is already doing. I know that I sometimes tend to focus on the one big bad problem, but if we stop and think about how blessed we really are, we begin to see the many blessings and miracles that are happening all around us. Our mothers are everyday miracles, yet how often do we remember them. Remember the miracles! They are coming.

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