Getting Through the Storm Back into the Passion Cycle

Getting Through the Storm Back into the Passion Cycle
These past few weeks have been really crazy for me. After listening to others and seeking God, I know other people have been in that same kind of funk. I think we can look back and see that we suffered in confusion, not knowing what was up or down. We battled in anger through the frustrations and trials. And in spite of the storms that were here, there was a dream, an angel of light. In the midst of the chaos, calm in the middle of it all was God. He knows that the enemy is trying to shake us out of the comfort of His arms. But what the Father wants of us children is a passionate love for Him again. Deep down, that’s all He really wants, but will He get it?
You never really know what you got until it’s gone. Think of the story of the prodigal son. The Son nearly lost it all, but He got it back when something clicked and He returned. But maybe you are at that point in life where you will have to lose it all to sacrifice for something better God the Father has waiting for you. Maybe it’s time for you to shake off the dust of your sandals and move on to the next town (Luke 10.) And maybe it’s time to return to Live Passion God wants you to have, getting through the storm back into the passion cycle! Maybe it’s time you get back into the prophetic cycle. Maybe it’s time you lock the bike away in the basement so that you can free the room for something new.
As I listened to Glenn Beck this past week, he told of his dream of going through the storm, but that the other side was so much better. I’m feeling that at this point. I’ve feared the storm coming, bigger than I’ve ever seen before. However, I know the Lord is having me go through it, so that I might become stronger. I know that this has all been chaotic, but if you are having to go through that storm, I want to encourage you go through it! And when you get through that storm, there will be the peace of being in that fellowship on the other side. That’s what I’ve been seeking, the Lord’s fellowship. It’s what’s sweet, and what I didn’t really miss until it was gone.

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