Extremist Madness

Extremist Madness

For hoops fans, it’s the most extremist, exciting and busiest times of year, all in one!  68 teams are dancing, but here in a few short weeks, only 1 will be a champion.  And for all of those bracketologists out there, the stress and confusion can pile up.  Who to pick to win it all?  Which 12 seed will upset a 5?  Will there be a mid-major looking to make a deep run?  So many questions and decisions.  After all, one wrong pick could spell disaster for your bracket and a shot at that pool prize money.  Also, how are you going to manage to watch 10 hours of basketball per day for the next few days when your boss is looking over your shoulder and you have that deadline of sending in that financial report?  Oh, the madness with so much happening!

Beneath the spreadsheet cover, there is another madness that is happening.  I’m talking about the Extremist Madness that is likely warring in your life right now.  Last week, I talked about the Spirit returning in a very powerful way.  I know in my own life, and for several that I talked to during this past weekend, there seemed to be a lot of confusion about what the Spirit was doing and even some things that were abnormal.  While Yeshua is seeded number 1 in the tournament, there is an enemy on the other side of the bracket named Lucifer.  We know that Yeshua has been consistent throughout the season, not losing a single game.  So Yeshua was rightfully seeded number 1.  However, in spite of Yeshua’s great season, some people don’t know much about Yeshua, if anything at all.  Some think Yeshua is weak and won’t go very far in the life bracket.  Others think Yeshua will win it all!  Lucifer, on the other hand, is a different story.  Lucifer is tricky.  He wasn’t seeded as highly as some thought he should be.  At times, Lucifer hasn’t played well, but lately has been hot.  Lucifer would like to pull an upset and ruin your life bracket.  Lucifer looks good on paper and could do some damage if we’re not careful.  With all the noise, we must remain confident and stick with our right pick that Yeshua will win it all!

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