Spiritual Return

Spiritual Return

First, I want to say, “Wow it’s warm again!”  Praise to our God for all He is doing in the earth!  This week, I saw so many family and friends blessed by God in spectacular ways!  Major shifts and miracles are happening, as the Lord is changing lives!  If you still have yet to experience this Spiritual Return, I hope this encourages you, because miracles are going to keep coming!

Now on to what I promised last week; why I’m in Iowa.  My first main reason has to do with my fiancé, Cheyenne.  I know that the Lord sent me to Iowa to develop a relationship with her.  Now the Lord is telling us to use our future marriage to be an example to the culture.  The next generation has not seen true marriage relationships under the authority of God lived out and that has to change!  I had a student, when talking to a couple who had been married for over 25 years, say that she could never stay married for that long.  With that mindset, satan already puts defeat in our culture and continues to disrupt God’s most intimate relationship.

If satan can destroy marriage, then he can destroy the family, which then damages the relationship of a child and father.  Our culture is hurting, and is turning to other options, including gay marriage, to try and solve the emptiness that others can’t even satisfy.  What Cheyenne and I want to do is show our youth that truly committed marriages do exist, do satisfy, and can last above any other kind of relationship, but only under the condition that God is at the center of it.  We want to reflect the example of Christ’s committed love and sanctification for the bride and how He gave Himself up for us, just as a husband is to do for his wife.

The second main purpose I believe I am in Iowa is something that God has been revealing to Cheyenne and I over the past month or so.  I am still learning more about this purpose, so I will wait to give further details.  However, I can say it adds the next piece to building back the Spiritual Return of God’s family structure.

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