Hebrew Deeper Spring

Hebrew Deeper Spring

As I mentioned last week, I have been thinking a lot in 3’s lately, and here are some of the things that the Lord has been showing me.  I’ve been sensing another strong pull into the Hebrew, much like I did in the summer of 2012 when the Lord told me out of nowhere to start studying the Hebrew calendar.  I became fascinated with the calendar and my still-little knowledge it led me to understanding my prophetic word later that year.  However, this time, I am starting to study more of the Hebrew language.  I already knew God’s Hebrew Name, Yahweh, but I didn’t know any other Hebrew names.  I was listening to Mattie Montgomery and he kept mentioning the word Yeshua.  I thought about it and then it clicked, “That’s Jesus’ Name in Hebrew.”  Then I had to research what the Spirit’s Name was in Hebrew.  I had some trouble finding and understanding this one, but I broke it down to Yarach.  It gets more awesome from here!  The verse from John 14:6 came to mind where Jesus says, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”  Then it all made sense using the end words of the 3 Hebrew Names of God:

            Yahweh           =          Forms Ya Way            =          The Way

            Yeshua                        =          Forms Ya Trua            =          The Truth

            Yarach             =          Forms Ya Ache           =          The Life*

*The Spirit is a bit harder to understand, but the even further original word derives as “ruach.”  When you see the sound of it, it combines as an ache for life, or for the Spirit.  It’s meaning is wind, or moving air. (2012-2012)**.  Another derivation comes as arach, with a combination composed as chet and resh.  It’s meaning is circular path, or moon.  (2013-2014)**.

**These sources derive from both research and the Lord’s revelation in personal journal stories.

As for why I believe I’m in Iowa, I will go into more detail on that next week.  One thing I will say though, it has to do with putting back together the family structure of God (power of 3.)

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