Family Finally Fit

Family Finally Fit

This past weekend was life-changing and will be one I will never forget!  I got engaged to my incredible girlfriend, Cheyenne!  In her words, it was, “Perfect!”  I called my mom to tell her the news and she welcomed Chey to the family.  I planned the engagement for quite some time, all thanks to my Heavenly Father’s idea.  I can tell you the full story of how the engagement happened some other time if you want to know more.  After the engagement happened on Saturday morning of the 22nd, (Chey’s favorite number, 22 chapters in Revelation), I got to celebrate by preaching my first ever back-to-back sermons at 2 Methodist churches on Sunday, the 23rd.  It felt so good to get back speaking in front of a church for the first time in over a year! 

These 2 events sound really awesome, but there is something greater that I believe happened this weekend.  I sensed a shift happen, one in which the Spirit has taken another position change.  I’ve already seen this in so many lives this week.  I have several friends who have had jobs for the last few months, but are now back to square one and looking again.  This seems discouraging, but what I got from the Lord on this is that greater jobs are awaiting.  (One friend already got a job and he feels more excited about work than he has in about 3 years.)  So, if you left a job recently, I hope this can be encouraging to you.  Miracles are happening now and more goodness is to come just over the horizon! 

God keeps giving me awesome revelation this week in His word.  With so much happening this week, I will share more next week.  To give a taste though, I’ve thought a lot about my purpose again and why I’m in Iowa (thanks to Pastor Kerry).  I’ve also thought in 3’s a lot lately, since the number 3 is God’s Family Structure.  And finally, after listening to Mattie Montgomery’s preaching and Perspectives, I believe we are on launch of taking back this world for Christ.  This next generation could be the final missionaries sent out before the family is finally fit!

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