Fail to Focus (Forever is Almost Here)

Fail To Focus (Forever is Almost Here)

Have you ever considered yourself a failure?  Surely you have.  Maybe you failed a school test, driver’s test, or lost a sports game.  Perhaps you let a parent, friend, or spouse down.  Whatever the case may be, you can look back now and likely see why you failed.  Your failure could have been from lack of preparation, lack of energy, forgetting to execute a key component, or an outside source that contributed to it.  (One such area for this last one is my belief that our school system is failing and will collapse, but we will talk about that another day.)  Regardless, you can always learn a great deal from failure, and usually more so from failure than from success.

Why is this?  Failure requires us to change, to become better.  I believe it starts within a cycle and starts on top with pride.  When things are going well around us, we tend to relax and not focus as much.  When we fail to focus on our goal or our target, is when we begin to lose track and fall.  We deem ourselves as a natural sharpshooter and tell ourselves and others, “I’m so good at this.  I can hit the bull’s eye without even looking.”  What usually then happens is we miss, resulting in our fall, which humbles us pretty good.  Sounds like a depressing cycle right? 

Well, my Father God has really put this lesson of pride before a fall upon me this week (Proverbs 16:18).  What He isn’t so concerned about though is my failure, but He is focused on how you and I finish.  Christ forgave and forgot our sins and failures at the cross.  So now He wants us to keep fighting for Him to make Him known in this world and to a difference in people’s lives.  It’s time that the strategies change.  We are made and fit to finish the race God has set before us.  Don’t give up now, don’t quit.  Fantastic change and new ideas are just over the horizon!  One of my favorite quotes that I was reminded about once again is, “A setback is a setup for a comeback stronger!”  With humility and the help from our Father in heaven, just as We As Human writes, “When everything is falling around me, I stand!”

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