Love For Today

Love For Today

This past weekend was so awesome, thanks to my amazing girlfriend!  On Thursday night, we went to Des Moines to see the Christian metalcore band, For Today.  We got there early and waited through listening to bands that we didn’t really like, but waiting to hear For Today was worth it all.  Of course, For Today rocked the show and the lead vocalist, Mattie Montgomery, brought the energy and the powerful message of Christ and the cross!  I was just an awe of the power of God and His intense love for me!  It keeps getting better from here!

So, Cheyenne, being the amazing girlfriend I love, bought me back stage passes to meet the band.  (This was her Christmas gift to me).  After the show, we waited for the band to come out to get us and bring us back stage.  The first band member that came out was the guitarist Ryan.  A little back story, I met Ryan 2 years ago when For Today played in St. Louis and I got to pray with him.  He likely didn’t remember me, so I told him about our meeting 2 years ago.  He said he really appreciated it and was very kind to us as we were waiting for the rest of the band.

After waiting a little longer, we got to go back.  We go down this hallway, turn the corner, and right there is Mattie Montgomery.  He was so polite, asking Cheyenne what her name was, and then myself.  He asked if we had anything for him to sign.  We said no, since we had already put our merch we had out in the truck (that wasn’t the most important thing for us anyways.)  I told Mattie and the guys that we appreciated all that they were doing.  I then asked Mattie if I could pray with him.  He agreed, so we prayed with him, and then went on our way.  After Cheyenne and I walked out of the building, she was so excited, saying, “We just got to pray with Mattie Montgomery, a metalcore superstar!”

It was a night I will never forget.  I felt the Lord come upon me so strong prophetically to re-energize me! This is just the beginning of something amazing!  A Great Love Story is coming!

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