F-Words: It’s Not What You Think

F-Words: It’s Not What You Think

During a passionate sermon on purity I was listening to on Sunday morning, I started getting on some tangent thoughts.  I tend to do this sometimes, not because the sermon is boring, but because the Lord has even greater things to show me!  I began thinking about words that started with the letter F since we just entered February.  Family, faith, and friends came to mind quickly.  Then I added words like finances, freedom, and fitness.  Words such as foreign, future, foundation, fortress, fun, and fantastic also came about.  They just kept coming forward forever.

However, there was one word that kept fixating my mind.  That word was FIT.  The Father was telling me that in February all the F-Words previously mentioned would all begin to FIT.  The Lord showed me things aligning.  Where I get this from is when you look at the Hebrew calendar and our Gregorian calendar, their day numbers will match for the whole month.  For example, as I write this today, it is February 4.  The Hebrew date is Adar 4.  Notice the fours that match.  Rarely does this occur where they are both the same number, but in this case, they do.

And it only gets better from here.  Yesterday, when I was looking in my journal on February 3, 2010, after hearing a sermon on dating, this is what I wrote, “Lord I thank You for this message.  I pray that You have a suitable helper for me, one that FITS me perfectly.  I hope that I FIT perfectly for her too.”  I did not remember this reflection until I read it Monday morning.  It was on Sunday morning that the Lord kept giving me this word.

Now, you may be just finding out how this all FITS.  You may still be struggling, thinking particularly that the enemy is attacking in the area of purity.  The enemy is attacking here because he knows that in this time (month) of love, God (who is Love) has something special planned.   To seek this, it may mean to fight to FIT Him more into your schedule spiritually or to get FIT physically by fasting. So don’t forfeit God’s promise, but fearlessly FIT into His plan.

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